You Can Make A Difference!

Serving in Richmond, Virginia Tree Farm Foundation works towards the common goal of the long-term sustainability of America's forests in ecological and economic terms. We are a state partner of the American Tree Farm System (ATFS). Our team works towards promoting the growth of renewable forest resources by partnering with landowners. We help you follow the best tree farming practices on your private lands and help you understand the advantages of productive forestry.

Get Involved in Improving Forests

Join The Proud Farmers

Join the 1200+ landowners proudly displaying the green and white Tree Farm sign on their property as a symbol of their commitment to sustainable forest management.

Ensure Sustainability

Volunteer inspectors serve as our boots on the ground, ensuring the enforcement of the Standards of Sustainability for forest certification and providing advice to landowners.

Promote Sustainable Forestry

The Virginia Tree Farm Foundation relies on donations to continue providing valuable services to landowners and promoting sustainable forest management.