Conduct Outreach Efforts Being An Inspector

The following minimum education and experience requirements are necessary for professionals certifying and inspecting Tree Farms:

All inspectors must successfully complete the Inspector Training Program.

Inspectors must complete the refresher training every five years, which will coincide with AFF Standard revisions.

All inspectors must meet at least one of the four recognized requirements

A Bachelor of Science, Forestry degree, or higher from a Society of American Foresters (SAF) accredited program.

Two-year forestry technician degree from a SAF recognized program.

Anyone already serving as a Tree Farm inspector prior to July 31, 1999, is grandfathered in as an inspector provided their names were included in a list of inspectors submitted by the State Tree Farm Chair to the American Forest Foundation by July 31, 1999, and has completed the Inspector Training Program.

Anyone professionally practicing forestry and meeting the minimum educational requirements. 

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